Programming Committee

Zandra L. Robinson, Founder & Director

Zandra L. Robinson is a licensed attorney (TX) and contract/compliance expert backed by a history of commended performance within Fortune 500 companies, multibillion-dollar NGOs, large healthcare and public school systems, and government offices.

Currently, Zandra serves as in-house counsel and legal director for the contracts arm of a global IP team for a Fortune 500 Company,  where she counsels clients on establishing and protecting intellectual capital.  

In my walk of faith, I’ve discovered the source of my ambition. “A diligent hand maketh rich”; however, ambition rooted in monetary riches alone is neither profitable nor sustainable. The Hope of Glory (Christ) alone is the source of my ambition. Prosperity is merely a byproduct of ambition; God is the source.  Always look to the source. The result being, an impartation of actionable vision time-after-time again. The “job” is now the “assignment.” And, as a co-laborer, a partner with Christ, I am continually refreshed and energized to create, pursue and recover all!


University of Arkansas School of Law, Fayetteville, Juris Doctorate, 2008 – 2011
Southern Methodist University, Bachelor of Arts, Corporate Communications, 2000 – 2004

Iman L. James, Community Outreach and Hospitality Lead

Iman L. James is a Sr. Attorney Advisor for the U. S. Small Business Administration. Currently, she manages a team of attorneys and paralegals in proper adherence to federal regulations during loan disbursements for disaster victims across the United States and its surrounding territories. Seeing as how I was given a name that literally means faith – I feel my faith in God predates my existence. Throughout my years God has always constantly showed up and showed out in my favor. My education and professional goals were almost effortlessly met. However, when I encounter a huge obstacle in my career path the necessity of hearing the word of God became ABSOLUTE. If God did not clearly let me know it was for me – then it was not for me. The peace and clarity you have knowing your professional decisions are affirmed with God’s purpose is unmatched!

Southern Methodist University, Bachelor of Arts, Journalism and Advertising 2006
Thurgood Marshall School of Law – Texas Southern University 2010

Rebecca Acuña, Strategic Partnerships Lead

Rebecca Acuña is the Director of Government Affairs at a Fortune 500 company where she represents the global portfolio of food and beverage brands before public policy makers and opinion leaders in seven states. Prior to joining her current organization, she was the Executive Director of the Latino Center for Leadership Development. Rebecca has also served in leadership roles in political campaigns and federal and state government in Washington, D.C., and Texas. She has served as a Chief of Staff and Communications Director for three members of the Texas House Representatives and one member of Congress. She was the first-ever Latina tapped as statewide Press Secretary for a major-party gubernatorial campaign in Texas as well as the first Latina to serve as Communications Director for a major political party in Texas. Raised in Laredo, Rebecca is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin.

Dream Makers is an opportunity to help tear down obstacles for other women and explore what guides us into serving others.

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